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Ultimate dining experience like no other
We believe good seafood can transform any meal into a moment to remember. Throughout our 15-years history, our focus has been making great seafood available to everyone, every day and creating a place that makes an ordinary day feel special. We believe treating yourself and your family to a special seafood meal shouldn’t break the bank. Just as hard as we work behind the scenes to guarantee the quality of our ingredients, we are dedicated to ensuring The seafood king is a place where you can share really great seafood, in a warm and family-friendly environment, at unbeatable value.



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The Seafood King is one of our great pride~ There are many seafood dishes here, and seafood is also very fresh. It is a paradise for seafood hackers! We are very special and let you taste the truly unforgettable seafood!

  • Great service, authentic ingredients and recipes. Large portions. Service very attentive. Nice atmosphere. Very reasonably priced.
    Bill M
  • Absolutely the best seafood I have ever had! Everything is nice and fresh, from salads to seafood, etc...
    Simona Kim